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For early stage hardware startups

Connecting Dots

The origin of First Principles thinking can be traced back to early writings by Aristotle around 350 BC.

Our Aris Accelerator Program was designed to honor the origins of First Principle thinking and all of the ideas that have been created through that mindset. Aris Accelerator Program provides you and your team with the tools and expertise needed to go from zero to one.

Leveraging our team of expert engineers, industry-leading business development teams, and executive leaders from truly disruptive industries will place you in a position to be successful. 

"The First Basis From Which a Thing is Known" 

Our accelerator program comes in three phases:


  •  5 day comprehensive company review with your entire team on-site

    • ​Strategic deep dive into company structure (2 days)

    • Technical deep dive into company products (2 days)

    • Solution based summary review (1 day)

  • Determine partnership fit on the final day of the review

    • Investment opportunity up to $250,000


  • You can leverage our team of engineers and executive leaders to go from zero to one

    • ​Fund Raising

    • Recruiting

    • Business Development

    • Manufacturing

    • Supply Chain

    • Brand Marketing


  • Continued support from us

    • ​You will have access to our team of experts after the Beta Phase

    • ​You will also have direct access to our community of industry leaders and experts

    • This means that you can work directly with us on hardware, software, or strategic solutions

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